The Enchanting Light- Part 9- Flash Fiction


The following work of Flash Fiction is in collaboration with my fellow blogger Jithin of Photrablogger. The picture above is his creative photography which inspired this series of fiction writing.

Character List:

Rebecca: Protagonist (Main Character)
Samantha: Rebecca’s mother
David Lyngdoh: Samantha’s husband and Rebecca’s father
Joe: Samantha’s childhood friend
Eda: Joe’s daughter and Rebecca’s friend
Kavin: An elderly widower who works as a supervisor in the monastery
Liam A. Viratre: Rebecca’s husband
Luna: Liam’s evil lover
Dalai Lama: The Spiritual ruler and highest priest of the Tibetan Buddhists
Anna: Chief matron at the mental asylum
Dr. Hannock: Junior doctor at the mental asylum)

Do read these parts before you start with my part to get an understanding of the whole picture for this is the end of the amazingly woven together story. It’s a rollercoaster of imagination you’ll enjoy. 🙂

Part 1
The enchanting Light ( Flash Fiction Chain # 3)
Part 2
Part 3
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Part 5
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Part 7
Part 8

Rebecca, at 40, is no common person. She, for the last 3 years, had lived in the mental asylum. Being deemed crazy.

Over the past years, her charm and glow had worn off. Her cheeks and lost their liveliness and her hair it’s luster. Her lips were dry and the skin kept peeling off causing blood clots despite Anna’s persistent attempts to keep her hydrated enough. Her eyes had sunk to almost inside her eye sockets. Dark circles made things worse. The scars she got from all those times she got wild during an episode of the blast from her past were now a part of her personality.

Dr Hannock, the junior doctor that had come to this asylum only 8 months ago was a little man with mousy hair and a freckled face, was mighty determined for being so little.
He had tried to treat Rebecca like every other patient with schizophrenia. But, what he realised along the way was that she was not mentally ill. She, like his mother, was a tortured and pure soul with unfinished past life businesses. He tried past life regression and kinds of hypnotherapy on her, which all worked very well. But, the progress, was painfully slow. For she responded very erratically.

Rebecca had mixed up her past and present. Especially people from the two lives. Her best friends in her past life had betrayed her, triedd to kill her. The love of her life, was from a different world, Liam had been unfaithful to he and cheated on her with the evil spirit of Luna .from his own world She had come to believe that Liam had died. But, one day she went on a search and the events turned her life upside down. For she was sent on a quest to search for Liam and free him from Luna’s evil prison by finding the other half of Liam’s locket and joining it together.

Dr. Hannock was going to give it one shot tonight. He was going to stretch for as long as he could. He, was a patient man. But, there was only so much he could take. He needed more solid results to know he wasn’t wasting time on something that wouldn’t work. He had it planned out for her. He wanted her to relive it but only his way this time. The way it would end. He’d already alerted the hospital staff.

But as soon as he had said the word to Anna.
The lights went off.

As she, Rebecca, with the faded asylum gown loosely hanging on her frame, walked through the curtain of light, she changed into a majestic form of herself
She was in a bright blue body hugging full length gown and her eyes had a shine and her cheeks a blush red. Her lips soft.

She was now standing on the beach of the hill, her house was once on.
It was gloomy day with Sun hiding behind the clouds. The sea splashed around violently. The wind so fast, it carried the smell of the sea, speaking to Rebecca, saying things only she could connect too.

She looked down at Liam’s Sun locket’s half in her hand, concentrating hard to receive a weapon to fight.
For she remembered the Dalai lama’s advice, that she’d have unlimited power as far the Sun locket was with her.

She received her weapon.
Somehow, it was the Katropis knife.

She could see the images of what could go wrong and how she could loose the battle for Liam, again.

But then she gathered the courage.
She turned around, walked stoically towards the lone Bunyan tree, she knew the battle would take place at.

The second she stepped there the spirits of Luna and her evil servants arrived.
But since Rebecca knew exactly what was going to happen and how Luna would bring her images and make her disappointment and blind her in rage so she would loose balance and they could grab the locket.
Rebecca was prepared.

So this time, She went straight for it.
She lashed out the knife at Luna’s fellow evil spirit that was unprepared and took the lash and fell down.
This only gave Luna and her other fellow evil spirit time to prepare.
They held on to Rebecca from both sides and the knife fell out of her hand.
Rebecca screamed and lashed out in revulsion.
She bit Luna’s wrist so hard it started bleeding.

Then, it dawned on Rebecca.
It was two against one, and she’d never win the fight.
So she decided to use Luna’s trick of small talk right back on her.

They held on to Rebecca from both sides and the knife fell out of her hand.
Rebecca screamed and lashed out in revulsion.
She bit Luna’s wrist so hard it started bleeding.

Then, it dawned on Rebecca.
It was two against one, and she’d never win the fight.
So she decided to use Luna’s trick of small talk right back on her.

As soon Rebecca started talking, Luna’s naive fellow spirit and herself let her loose.
She jumped up at the right opportunity, kicked the sand into their faces, blinding them.
She picked up katropis and without a moment’s hesitation drove into to both of them.
She knew, She had only seconds before both of them came back to their senses.

She ripped apart Luna’s white gown and found the locket.

When she turned around, She saw the Sun was just about to set.
She had to make it to the Dalai lama In time to save Liam.

So she took both the parts and concentrated hard on reaching wherever he was.

Just then the 1st evil spirit woke up and lashed her.
But her dissipating form only took the scar to the cheek and reached his holiness.

They stood at the monastery.
Her only family, Her mother Samantha. Her best friend’s,Uncle Joe and eda. Kavin, the helper.
Only Liam was missing.
And his holiness.
He smiled at her and said she was just in time.
He joined the two parts.
And there was Liam’s glowing form walking right out of the curtain with a smile on his face.

When the lights came on
Rebecca had a smile on Her face along with scar she got.

The night had ended for Rebecca on That note. For she had fallen unconscious.

But what Dr Hannock saw after astounded him.
Anna’s eyes were possessed with a green glow and within seconds he realised.
That the whole thing had been a false story from Anna.
Anna was possessed with the spirit of Luna.

Now she writhe all over from pain.
And within a few minutes
All that was left of was the matron clothes and hair pins.

Dr Hannock, now knew Rebecca needed no cure.
For she had completed her mission.


23 thoughts on “The Enchanting Light- Part 9- Flash Fiction

      1. Well you don’t have to give a summary of previous parts. You can just start from where the previous one has ended. Anyway it is your first time and you did in a short time 🙂

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      2. Ugh. I’m going to try to edit this cause it’s gonna mean changing a lot of it.
        Though, I can fit in the changes you want specifically, that’s not so hard.
        Tell me what changes 😀

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  1. Slowly but very steadily you people have started to steal my maximum time by publishing wonderful, innovative, creative and interesting post; sometimes in the post format, sometimes in the story format; I think now everyday I will have to spend some time to read you people exclusively……….
    congrats to…….Shruti…..Jithin………and last but not least to Manvi……….

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